ARS February News

The ARS Work Activity Program is a sheltered work program designed to assist developmentally disabled adults in their pursuit of vocational skills. Persons assisted develop a strong work ethic and on-the-job work skills, as they earn a pay check. Participants enrolled in the Work Activity Program (WAP), also known as the Work Services Program, engage in piece rated work, and enjoy working on a variety of jobs. In a 6 month period there will be no less than 50% in paid work and no more than a combination of work adjustment services and supportive habilitation Services.

Each participant will have the opportunity to develop their own IHSP. IHSP’s are designed so that the participants have a clear goal or goals to work toward while participating in the program. Goals may be designed towards improving production, attendance, limiting specific behaviors that may be limiting their fullest potential, or their goal may be oriented towards finding a specific job or career.

Activities in the program include but are not limited to the development of physical capacities, interpersonal and communicative skills, work behaviors and functional skills, knowledge of work practices, and job exploration/seeking skills.

ARS currently provides services for products including: Sirachia, MP Sweet Chili Sauce, S & B Wasabi, Goodyear, and Kleenmaid.