ARS March News

Supported Employment represents paid work in an integrated work setting with ongoing support for individuals with disabilities in the competitive labor market. Supported employment provides wide-ranging benefits to persons with disabilities, their family, employers and society as a whole.

The goal of the ARS Supported Employment Program is to assist Regional Center clients in obtaining competitive employment in an occupation of their choice, and at the earliest possible time after admission to the program.

Asian Rehabilitation Service, Inc. provides Individual Placements as part of the Supported Employment Program. To ensure integration of persons placed in Individual Employment Placement, participants work the same hours alongside non-disabled employees. Participants are encouraged to maintain the same workplace practices as do their non-disabled co-workers. Participants in Individual Placement are employed a minimum of twenty (20) hours per week in paid work under the supervision of and assigned Job Coach who works with the participant less than 100% of the time, with hours of on-the-job coaching to be authorized by the Department of Rehabilitation.

ARS’s Supported Employment continues to grow and provide opportunities to those with disabilities. ARS’s program currently provides enclaves for Jordana Milani Cosmetics as well as the United States Federal Courthouse in Los Angeles.