Supported Employment


The Supported Employment Program (SEP) is designed to help individuals with disabilities who are deemed to be job ready (but have difficulties in finding employment) find community employment by providing supported employment services.  The job development services are client driven based on their preferences, strengths, abilities and needs. 

Job development services consist of the three primary components:

1. Employment Preparation

2. Development/Training

3. Job Placement


The Supported Employment Program has created a “Job Club” for the employment preparation component.
The Job Club is conducted on a weekly basis and consists of the following topics:

  • Application completion
  • Identify marketable skills
  • Resume building
  • Practice and rehearse interview skills
  • Identify and provide job lead sources
  • Deal with obstacles to employment and re-employment
  • Handle and cope with emotions related to unemployment
  • Understand the employer
  • Evaluate a job offer
  • Nutrition and productivity
  • Stress reduction techniques


The Supported Employment Program offers individual and group placements designed to maximize the clients’ vocational potentials.

Individual Placement:

  • An individual is employed by a company in the community and receives ongoing supported service provided by an Employment Training Specialist, who trains and assists the individual in facilitating the transition into the work environment.

  • Initial supported services is provided at 100% and will faded out to 20% or less as the individual becomes more familiarize with the job and transitions to stabilization.

Group Placement:

  • Three or more but less than eight individuals are placed at the same company or location and supervision is provided by the Employment Training Specialist at 100%.

The Supported Employment Program has several successful placements in the following companies or locations:

  • Culver City
  • Pico Rivera
  • Los Angeles
  • City of Vernon